Hola, I am Ana !

From a very young age I felt a deep resonance towards understanding the relationship we have with ourselves, each other and the environment we live in. Since then I been devoted to self exploration and service.

I am committed to guiding people through heart-centred techniques for personal awakening through yoga. Intentional contemplation and embodied movement are the foundation of my work, sprinkled with mindfulness techniques, ancient wisdom, and contemporary sciences that I have experienced.

I am a student of life and continue to learn from many teachers and mentors. This has enabled me to continuously develop human centred approaches and to create a dynamic skillset guiding thousands of people around the world with lightheartedness and compassion at the core of my offerings.

I offer one-on-one, private group, as well as online and public classes at local studios.


Relevant Training and Qualifications

I am deeply contemplative and enjoy exploring the space between movement and stillness, question and answer, sound and silence.  As a result I studied pre-me, psychology and graduated with a degree in sustainable tourism. I found myself powerfully drawn towards living awaken, so I became a yoga teacher.

  • Trauma Informed + Community Yoga (60hr Yoga for HumanKind), 2019

  • Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TCTSY) Facilitator Qualification (300hrs, Centre for Trauma and Embodiment), 2017- 2018

  • Somatic Therapy Introduction (30hrs. Scott Lyons), 2018

  • Yin Yoga Certification (75hrs Powerliving Australia), 2015

  • Yoga teaching and Advanced Assisting (230hrs Powerliving Australia), 2014

  • Immersions and workshops with teachers: Ana Forrest, Tara Judelle, Tiffany Cruickshank, Carlos Pomeda, Dice Lide-Klein, Amy Ippoliti, and many more.

  • Cert. III and IV in Sports Management ( Australian College of Sports and Fitness), 2014