Workshops + Events

I love creating intentional practices as well as collaborating with like minded facilitators


RESONANCE - Monthly Offering - Next April 14 at 6pm

This is one of my favourites!

Hosted monthly on Sundays at Gertrude Street Yoga in Fitzroy, enjoy a slow flow, sound bath and ritual. In collaboration with Jamie and Kat from Yana Hey, you are invited to tap into your own internal vibration, release stagnation and raise your own and collective energy.

Sound and movement used in a healing capacity can enhance your ability to connect with your emotional and creative intelligence, as well as illicit feeling and inspiration. Certain vibrations and rhythms help which switch you into more calming brainwave states - Alpha and Theta - turning off the fight/flight response, and widening the scope of how you process your experiences.


AWAKEN - Next July 31, 2019 at Gertrude Street Yoga

Do you desire, more than ever to live more connected with yourself, your environment and the world around you? Join us for a unique, transformative 30 day adventure to living a more empowered, joyful and free life.

Inspired by yogic traditions and modern western approaches, this program is specifically designed to create powerful, sustainable and long lasting expansion through a unique set of tools you can incorporate in your life.

  • Learn and discover and reflect on your unique gifts, qualities and shadows.

  • Break free from cycles of crisis

  • Gain insight into how to gracefully navigate the human experience

  • Upscale your visionary offering in the world

I have searched for this for over 15 years and in this journey I have found practices that can shift your life into living fully in your power and can last for a life time!

Discover if this is for you! write me or if this is a yes or yes! book below